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Jan 5, 2013 1:00am PST
represents 16-year-old trent mays, who is one of the two defendants in this case. and he tells me that on august 14th, this would be about three days after the alleged attack, that the woman that -- the young lady that prosecutors say is the victim in this case, allegedly sent a text message to the defend, trent mays. and here's what he said it said. i knew you didn't rape me. we talked to him about it. he explained it. here's what the lawyer had to say. >> i would like to bring up an interesting fact that we do plan on presenting at trial, is that my client received a text message the following day from the alleged victim. the alleged victim herself, stating that she said, i know you didn't rape me. >> what? >> she texted my client the next day, stating, quote, i know you didn't rape me. >> do you have that text? >> we do. that's something that is going to be introduced at trial. >> and what -- did he reply? >> that's something that's going to be introduced at trial. yes. >> why do you think she sent that? >> because i don't think she thinks she was raped. >> now, the lawyer says
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am EST
as today. >>> redskins offensive tackle trent williams will not play in tomorrow's pro bowl after getting hurt in a nightclub brawl. espn is reporting williams was hit with a champagne bottle and needed stitches, and he was tasered. police say williams did not start the fight, though. two men did have to go to the hospital. officers arrested one man and are investigating five others but not the pro bowler. a league spokesman says williams will still be on the sidelines tomorrow wearing his jersey, and he will be credited with a pro bowl appearance. you can still catch london fletcher and the other redskins at this year's pro bowl. that's tomorrow night on nbc starting at 7:00. >>> and just five minutes after the 6:00 hour. new this morning, the big announcement from the walt disney company overnight about a major movie franchise going into production. >>> plus, putting politics aside. how the virginia attorney general is being hailed a hero for saving a woman's life. >>> and why the push to change the electoral map in virginia may not happen after all. >> we're just getting started this s
Jan 5, 2013 11:00am PST
two high school players ma'lik richmond and trent mays are accused of raping an underage girl. this morning the city's police chief talked about the investigation and a video that surfaced showing some teens joking about the alleged rape. >> early in the case during the first week after we were made aware of this incident, we obtained this virginia video. i too as all my officers who investigated were appalled by these morally inept statements made. the new prosecutors, the special prosecutors for the high attorney ag's office, everything was submitted to them. they decide what charges if any would be filed. >> isked national correspondent susan candiotti earlier why so many people had turned up for this protest. >> they don't think some of them that police have done a thorough job of investigating it. they allege that there has been a cover-up. now authorities and the city ensis that there has been no cover-up, that they are doing a thorough investigation and that the people that have been charged will have justice done at a trial coming up next month. but there are a lot of
Jan 5, 2013 6:30pm EST
monand trent maze, were photographed at a party last august carrying what appeared to be the unconscious victim. >> they knew she was in that position and they kept going. she was a toy to them that night. she was treated like a toy that night. >> reporter: internet activists, including the online group anonymous, have taken up the cause, make public a torrent of now-deleted social media posts and this video of a teen talk, about the alleged assault. stiewk police and city officials launched a web site of their own today to "disseminate most accurate information" about the case. malik richmond's defense attorney, walter madison, said his client has been smeared by social media. >> you have individuals with anonymous user names and they say and do anything without any acountability. and the accountability being absent, there is an absence of reliability. >> reporter: mad ton told cbs news by phone today that trent mays received a text message from the girl just days after the alleged assault that read, "i know you didn't rape me." cbs news has not been able to independently verify the exi
Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
exclusively from the attorney for one of the accused, trent mays, who you spoke with. what did the message allegedly say? >> reporter: good morning, randi. yes, the alleged text message from the 16-year-old girl who police say was raped in this case reads, "i don't think you raped me." now that is according to the lawyer for the 16-year-old boy trent mays, the attacker. he was the one that allegedly received this text. now he has not shown us the text. and we also don't know, randi, whether there were other texts that preceded this or followed it or what the tone was. we also don't know the -- actually we hear the timing of this which is also interesting, according to the lawyer, this text message was sent two days after the parties took place. however, let's remember the context of this. we've seen that blurred photograph. a photograph that was taken of -- according to the liars -- both of their clients carrying this girl who appears to be limp, carrying her by her hands and legs. and there was testimony at a hearing in october that said that this girl was unconscious most of the night an
Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
-year-old who was in the car with the two defendants, trent mays and malik richmond as well as the accuser. here is his description of her physical state before leaving the second of three parties for a third party. question, and what, if anything, dedid you notice about her behavior? he answers, she was very drunk. how do you know that? just like the way she -- she wasn't like fully capable of walking on her own. and another question, what made you think she wasn't fully capable of walking? >> she was stumbling and we had to help her. >> who was we? well, trent and malik helped her. he said on the way to the car, the woman vomited and she ended up in the car with mays and richmond. at that point, according to this witness, mays began performing a sexual act on her while he, the witness, says was -- the witness says he was videotaping it on his cell phone. the prosecutor then asked him what the accuser was doing. answer, she was just sitting there not really doing anything. the prosecutor asked, was she making any noise? she was, she was kind of talking but i couldn't make o
Jan 5, 2013 9:00am PST
monday and trent mays. they're accused of raping an underage girl while she was allegedly drunk or unconscious. that trial is slated to start on february 13th. national correspondent susan candiotti joins me from steubenville, ohio. what's the latest this hour? >> reporter: hi, marty. there's a big protest going on on the steps of the jefferson county courthouse. police estimate around 300 people or so. this is not the first time people have been staging protests. their main beef, as they see it, many of these people here, they're coming here for different causes. some are calling for justice for jane doe, the alleged victim in this case. many other people here are not happy with the way they feel investigators have been looking at this case. they don't think some of them that police have done a thorough job of investigating it. they allege that there has been a cover-up. now, authorities and the city insist that there has been no cover-up, that they are doing a thorough investigation and that the people that have been charged will have justice done at a trial coming up next mon
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Jan 8, 2013 7:30pm PST
billionaire lucius trent. you know he's also batman. all these questions will be answered but first let's get caught up on what this fiscal cliff is again. i know you've all been holed up on vacation the last three weeks with your wife, two children and life counseling. the fiscal cliff is the economic catastrophe that would occur with the simultaneous expiring of the bush tax cuts and deep across-the-board spending cuts that congress scheduled to kick in january 1 so congress couldn't negotiate a fiscal solution by january 1. confused? let me put it in terms of a 21st century analogy that can crystallize the point of it. pretend america is a successful railroad company. that has fallen on some hard fiscal times. there's an argument within the company about whether to make some changes to the dining car offering, maybe cut fares for less wealthy riders or on the other side of the argument where trains themselves are steel beasts that stalin invented to kill freedom and martha washington. this is clearly a large gap to bridge in negotiations they added what we call in the movie business the ti
Jan 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
richmond and trent mays, named publicly in court, their faces concealed because they are 16, is rocking this community. they have pleaded not guilty. >> shame on you! >> reporter: with hundreds of protesters supporting the 16-year-old accuser, known only as jane doe, who prosecutors insist was subjected to several sexual assaults against her will. the case exploding on social media, images purporting to show the defendants carrying the alleged victim, unconscious, the night in question. and video showing teenagers making fun of the girl, released by online activists, including the group, anonymous. >> you can hide no longer. >> reporter: most known for hacking into government websites to expose what it sees as wrongdoing. it accuses the town of turning a blind eye to other athletes allegedly involved, to protect the beloved big red nation. police say even though the behavior seen online is offensive, only two young men actually committed a crime. >> to take anything to a court of law, you have to have evidence for the prosecutor to prosecute that case. >> reporter: the case is so emotio
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
this situation due to the timing of the statement put out by general manager trent balky. the statement read like this, "we are aware of the allegations against michael and understand that he has fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters seriously." now the one person i think would be upset would be head coach jim harbaugh. first of all the alleged behavior of michael and of course the timing of this is like i said before, there is never good timing in a situation like this. now i don't think it will be a distraction. i'm sure jim harbaugh met with the team and they put this to bed the next two days and would not be talked about. the one person that could be distracted was michael crabtree. he has let his team down, the owner down and the coaching staff. he will be the guy to watch in the coaching championship game against the falcons. as i mentioned, horrible timing, but never good timing in a situation like this. the 49ers are here to do one thing and that's play the falcons in the nfc championship game on sunday. reporting live in atlanta, mike shu man, -- mike shumann. >>
Jan 14, 2013 4:30am PST
. >> now collin kaepernick touchdown celebration sparked a new trent called kaepernicking. he flexes his arm and kisses his bicep which is covered in tattoos. he has retweeted several pictures of fans giving their example of the celebration. our coverage begins after mornings on 2 with nfl championship chase at 10:00 a.m.. and kick off is just after noon. you can find more on the 49ers super bowl quest on the playoffs tab at new england patriots will host the ravens after beating them to advance to the super bowl. the patriots beat the houston texans yesterday. >>> we talked about the freeze warning being canceled but sal says there is black ice on the peninsula. >> that is right. the police and chp are saying there is black ice on the -- i want to draw a circle here of where they have reported that black ice. just general area here. speeds are down. just be careful if you drive on 92. let's say coming from half-moon bay over to the other side of the hill. or the way around. black ice reported. chp is aware of it. be careful. it's hard to see. obviously they call it black ice b
Jan 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
, military heroes, entertainers, people ranging from ronald reagan to arnold palmer, trent lott, a number of people. what is striking as we begin thinking about this item is the fact that of the 80 people that airports have been named after, not a single one of them is an openly lgbt person. in fact not only is it true that no airport in this country has been named after an openly lgbt person but to our knowledge no airport in the world is in fact been named after an openly lgbt person. and so to the question of why harvey milk, why not someone else? that is a legitimate question. i can tell you as an openly gay man that i do think that there is something disturbing about the fact that we do live in the world the year 2013 that no airport has been named after someone who can say that they are openly gay, that they are open member of the gay lesbian community. no city in the world is done that. to the extent that san francisco can be proud of so many things, one of the things that i am very proud of when i think of san francisco is the fact that we have always been at the forefront of ci
Jan 17, 2013 8:30am PST
ranging from ronald reagan to arnold palmer, trent lott,
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
14 points. for football fans, the bottom line is trent williams is in honolulu. but he will not play on sunday. that is a fact. he was tased. the police report says he was involved in an altercation this morning at a club in honolulu. the nfl says he was a victim. that is all we have. all the information we have right now. we will keep you posted. for golf fans, the farmers insurance open. when you watch these highlights it could have been better. he could have gone nowhere. he was dialed in. a great day and it could have been better. he went 5 under. seven under par 65. he has a two shot lead after two rounds. playing very well at torrey pines. and our best shot of the week comes from johnny football. look at this, yes, sir. that is our shot of the week. the greatest shot of the week. and don't forget maryland is at duke tomorrow. two great games on saturday. >> i do not believe that. >> what do you mean? >> they could have altered the video. >> i have seen enough to know it is friday. >> a promise and a fantastic surprise f >> a baltimore couple receives a fantastic wedding present
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
for redskins tackle trent williams. the 24-year-old will not play in the exhibition game tomorrow after being assaulted in a nightclub in hol louisiana. according to reports, he was hit over the head with a bottle and required several stitches. he will be on the sidelines for the game. this is williams first pro bowl of his nfl career. >>> switching gears now to baseball, we're less than three weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. >> all right. >> today, however, it was all about the nationals. they held natfest for their fans. william howard taft stole the show. he is the newest racing president for the nationals. the team also had batting cages for the young ones and a replica of the third-base line so they can practice sliding into home. new faces like outfielder bernard spain was in attendance along with the pitcher dan haren. the pitchers we talked to said they are ready to go for spring training and grateful for the strong support at natsfest. >> it wasn't even close to this. and so, you know, really makes you feel good and excited for this year. >> fantas
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
bydy. he's the clubhouse leader through two rounds. >>> trent williams has been replaced in this year's pro bowl due to injury. there are reports he was involved in an altercation last night and needed to get stitches. the pro bowl is sunday. it will feature london fletcher and lorenzo alexander. brian? ♪ ♪ what do we play for ♪ we are baltimore >> remember this group? the ravens parody of "call me maybe." now the super bowl. ♪ >> one tiny 49ers fan releasing a supportive song of her own. she's just five years old and she's dedicated the song to her favorite player, the team's quarterback. >>> time for shawn yancy with a look at what's coming up tonight at 10:00. >> coming up tonight, brian, it's a highly controversial topic. tomorrow the gun control debate will hit the streets of d.c. thousands are expected to flood into the district for a giant march. we'll talk to organizers about what to expect. >> plus, we're also checking out a new kind of gym. there's one requirement to join. you have to be at least 50 pounds overweight.
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm EST
't know. i got to see how we fair come february 3. >> we shall see. all right. trent williams is not playing in the pro bowl this sunday. 9 sports contact as to why. they told us to call the league office. we did that, no response from them yet. now 106.7, the fan, and the washington post are reporting that williams was an altercation last night that required stitches in hawaii. he is prepared for the pro bowl. why did miami have to go and do that? that's what maryland is saying right now. by that, i mean defeat duke by almost 30 points. now, number one team in the nation is sure to be pretty ticked off when maryland arrives for its annual cameron, indoor combat session tomorrow. hard to get the image out of the mind. miami mopped the floor with duke. now maryland, duke, which is always fiesy is going to be orny. they know that, but they're ready. >> we have a lot of new players that haven't been in the building. so they will be excited to play in the building. more importantly, we are coming off our road game. so imagine our guys are going to be a lot more in tuned and ready
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm EST
at redskins, trent williams. kept him out of yesterday's pro bowl. in this picture, williams is at the hawaii airport last night headed back. he has a black eye, as you can see, needed 7 stitches after getting hit by a champagne bottle. so thankfully he was okay, but he did sit out of the pro bowl, but the nfc ended up winning anyways. let's do it for now, we'll have plenty more coming up at 11:00, for now, i'm kristen berset. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we look forward to chatting with you and enjoy those hurricanes. i'll be back here with anita and topper. log on any time to have a great night. bye bye. >>> bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence and anne hathaway's kiss. >> all the moments you didn't see from the s.a.g. awards. i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >>> jennifer lawrence has just arrived. >> the stars lining up on our "e.t." platform. our producers' audio behind the chaos. >> cue ben affleck right in front of our "e.t." platform. all these photographers are now gathering around. >> "e.t." cameras everywhere. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> capturing
Jan 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
you're okay. i think you should stick with that stock. let's go to trent in wyoming. trent? >> caller: how's it going, jim? >> all right. what's going on? >> caller: big boo-yah from the great state of wyoming, man. >> thank you. >> caller: i want to know about resolute energy. what do you think about that? >> i've been looking at a lot of these different oil and gas company cans and i believe that oil may still be shaded down, which is why i favor stocks with yield in this sector and that one doesn't have it. you need yield to be in oil and gas. that's why i like things like conoco. let's go to jim. >> caller: boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: nycb, please. >> this company had an outside yield that looked like it was going to be a red flag but now i'm keeping the red flag in my sock because i think that we are in a position where the regional banks are doing just fine and i like it. i need to go with billy in missouri. billy? >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from the home of the once again st. louis blues. >> nice. >> caller: i actually am calling about public storage. psa. >> i like that. tha
Jan 14, 2013 12:00am EST
trent state law but not be so that she could later argued that state constitutions trump federal law to read the committee on the detail claimed that up and did put in there that the federal law trent the state constitutions, but that raises the question of original intent, who is intent is original. is it madison who wanted a much stronger federal veto whose intent was to receive the other delegates who wanted them to shut up and get to work? exactly who is intent do you put in because nobody came to the constitutional convention thinking i want a supremacy clause. that is nobody's intent to be that they are going to merge all of the compromise process, and if you look at everyone intended something else. >> host: of course we have similar problems trying to collect the intention of what somebody in north carolina was thinking compared to what somebody in new york. it was certainly serve very different enterprises. >> guest: that is a way of reading the constitution that comes from life, because also. it was a great interest when we wrote paradise lost. it's no interest to me but jo
FOX News
Jan 27, 2013 9:00pm PST
, for example, a republican like former senator trent lot who partners with a democrat, former senator john bro. the political debates that we sau see oftentimes are a little bit like professional wrestling. it's not always what it appears to be. and let it not be said that in washington, d.c. that they don't believe in family values because, to become part of this aristocracies. oftentimes the best way to do it is either to marry into it or to be born into it it's remarkable how many members of congress have family members who are registered lobbyists. consider bill young in florida who has been in office since 1971. he is the head of a very powerful subcommittee that controls spending on defense. he has a daughter-in-law registered lobbists. she has lobbied on one issue. and done so successfully. it's on defense spending. consider the case of senator harry reid. majority leader democrat from nevada. he has several family members registered lobbists. son lobbied on several groups and secured $50 million in earmarks. he also has another son who is involved in a a billion dollars venture involvi
Jan 18, 2013 9:00pm PST
in the future. less than half hour ago niners general manager trent released this statement we are awhich are of the alleys against michael and understand that he is fully cooperated with the authorities. 49ers take such matters very seriously. >> good news. from team standpoint no media access tomorrow what sovrment distraction wise they are on the road. first chance reporters have to talk to cb tree after sunday game in the locker room. that's if they even make him available in the locker room. they can get him in there hold the team in there for 15 minutes. crabtree out of there. >> professional football players but this certainly must be some kind of a distraction to the team i would think. >> i would think so especially we don't know when the rest of the team might have known about this. maybe it has been a couple days or maybe they are just finding out about it as we are. as they arrive in atlant atlanta. but one thing i weren't to mention about crabtree and sort of person. >> yes you have spoken with him a number of times. >> at least with the immediate y.very shy. very r
Jan 4, 2013 1:00am PST
, trent mays and ma'lik richmond were arrested. they were later charged with rape and mays was also charged with disseminating photographs of a nude minor. the arrest created a fissure in the community. some came to the boys' defense saying they were unfairly and too quickly accused. and others were relieved, tired, they said, of the anything goes culture for the popular football players. mays' lawyer denies a rape occurred and says he will challenge whether any possible sexual activity was consensual. >> you're a football player, you get to do what you want as long as you have a winning season. >> reporter: alec goddard, a blogger and former steubenville resident looked into this story after hearing that high school football players were involved. goddard found most of the online postings and reposted them on her website before they were taken down. >> i found -- i went through the twitter accounts and i found very disturbing messages, basically laying out a timeline of what happened that evening and found the cache of the youtube video, just found all of the social media which tol
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 140 (some duplicates have been removed)